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Helping small businesses + entrepreneurs tell their visual stories so they can better connect with their clients.

Personal branding photography + lifestyle photography services
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Personality is KEY

Small is the new BIG, and connections are KEY. People aren't just interested in what you're selling, they're interested in your WHY. So, let's go behind the scenes to show them what you're REALLY all about! 


Photos that showcase your brand in a lifestyle setting get way more online interaction than the old-fashioned white-background "catalog" shots!

I offer FUN + stress-free photo experiences for businesses... to tell the REAL story behind the brand and help distinguish it from the crowd. Let’s keep things casual, bring out your personality, and bring on the FUN. 

School Psychologist Dr. Chelsi Clark

School Psychologist Dr. Chelsi Clark

You KNOW you need new photos. But you aren't sure where to start. And let's face it... it's all kinds of awkward being in front of the camera. And figuring out what types of photos will show off your business to its best has has kept this chore on your to-do list for way too long.

I GET THAT. And I take care of it all so you don't have to stress. 

With lots of pre-planning, tips on making the session go smoothly, and quick + easy delivery of the final images... you'll actually get the chance to relax + ENJOY the experience!

I keep you informed every step of the way, go in with a solid plan for shots to capture, keep things running smoothly, style things as we go along, and will even bring the music with me (because music makes everything better, right?) We'll get the shots you want, and you'll have fun along the way. 

And rather than feeling like a boring business transaction, the whole experience will be kinda like hanging out with a friend. 

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